Sete Cidades Tour

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Total 16.20€
10% 18.00 €

Validity of 1 day

We leave from Ponta Delgada to one of the most impressive views (and most sought) in the island, the Vista de Rei. Bring hiking shoes because Canary Lake and the Seven Cities Lagoon will make you set off to discover! SERVICE SUSPENDED

Duration (average) 1h50

Location Açores

Starting point Forte São Brás



  • April 9th - November 10th

    8:30am – 4:30pm | wednesday, friday and sunday

    every 60 min

Other vending points

    Forte de S.Brás


Sete Cidades Tour

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  • 01 Forte São Brás
  • 02 Casino
  • 03 Lagoa das Empadadas
  • 04 Lagoa do Canário
  • 05 Vila das Sete Cidades
  • 06 Vista de Rei
  • 07 Forte São Brás


Ticket validity: Validity of 1 day Hop ON Hop OFF: hop on and off on any stop along the route, while your ticket is valid.