Lagoa do Fogo Tour

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Total 16.20€
10% 18.00 €

Validity of 1 day

Come and discover the cities of Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande, then move to another landscape; In the heart of old volcanos, you’ll find views of rare natural beauty where you’ll want to dive in – bring a swimsuit, really! Follow the trails and fill your senses of all you can reach. SERVICE SUSPENDED

Duration (average) 1h50

Location Açores

Starting point Forte São Brás



  • April 9th - November 12th

    8:30 am – 4:30 pm | tuesday, thursday and saturday

    Every 60 min.

Other vending points

    Forte de S.Brás


Lagoa do Fogo Tour

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  • 01 Forte São Brás
  • 02 Casino
  • 03 Ribeira Grande
  • 04 Salto do Cabrito
  • 05 Caldeira Velha
  • 06 Lagoa do Fogo – Miradouro
  • 07 Lagoa do Fogo
  • 08 Forte São Brás


Lagoa do Fogo (Viewpoint | Miradouro) – 15 min stop Ticket validity: Validity of 1 day Hop ON Hop OFF: hop on and off on any stop along the route, while your ticket is valid.