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Did you know that Madeira is known as the “Pearl of the Atlantic” due to its Great natural beauty? Set off on the discovery of the unique sensorial experiences that this island has to offer. From the capital, Funchal, to the biggest lookout point in Europe - Skywalk, you can find nooks full of history and memorable natural landscapes. Yellow Bus provides you with two open-top bus circuits, two minibus circuits and two circuits that have a special combination. Choose the most experienced for the best experience!

Camacha Parish Church

The Camacha Parish Church replaces the services that were usually held at the Camacha Mother Church, which ceased due to lack of space. This church, dedicated to Saint Lawrence, the patron saint of the parish, was inaugurated on August 10th 1997 by the Bishop of the Episcopacy of Funchal, D. Teodoro de Faria and by the parish priest, Father João Ferreira.
This is a modern architecture church, whose exterior is intended to resemble a tent.
The seven pillars in the centre of the altar are reminiscent of the seven Sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ.